Victoria County

Alexander Graham Bell Foundation Bondar Challenge

Peggy’s Cove

Serenity lies in Nature…..


Herons are very skittish, and I sat many mornings waiting to get one of the front of the bird! I hope for there to be IUCN 1A sanctuaries set up…

Bee’s Flowers

I love Bees. When I was 5 I was afraid of them, but I now I love these beautiful creatures. In a hundred and fifty years I hope that people…

Speed boat in Baddeck

This is a picture of a speed boat in Baddeck Harbour.

Colourful Flowers

I love flowers because they’re colourful and bright and they are all unique and can brighten the place up.

Beautiful Lighthouse

In 150 years, I hope that there is still blue water and trees and flowers. I hope there are still dogs and sailboats. And food and clean water to drink.…

The Feather Glory

My friend, Nora, is behind the eagle feather. Nora still has the feather. That picture is glory!

The Boats of Baddeck

I love sailing on my poppy’s boat, I hope that in 150 years there is still a clean beautiful ocean to go sailing on.

Alex’s “Bluenose”

It’s a sailboat in the ocean.

Baddeck View

I hope there are still beautiful places to hike in 150 years, so that I can still see beautiful views.