AGB Foundation Bondar Challenge

The Bondar Challenge is being launched in 2 Nova Scotia communities – Victoria County in Cape Breton and the South Shore as part of Mabel Bell: Celebrating a Life & Legacy of Outstanding Nova Scotia Achievements in Art & Science.

Both communities will be hosting The Roberta Bondar Foundation’s Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experience [TELE], Light in the Land – The Nature of Canada which focuses on the theme of helping to create an emotional bond between the nature of the country and the individual.

Taking our cue from Light in the Land, this is our opportunity to express through photography what we admire and value in the natural world of Nova Scotia and that you hope will exist 150 years from now. Simply submit your photo below and once approved, your submission, along with your first name and the city you’re from, will be featured in our gallery. We will be working with the Roberta Bondar Foundation to create a photo journal of entries from our Nova Scotia communities and across Canada.

Cameras are available on loan to groups. Please contact:

Submission must be received by October 20th, 2017.

Tell us about your photo

Give your photo a title, provide a short description, and then upload your image file (max file size 128MB).

128MB maximum file size. Please do not submit photos that include people's faces.

Tell us about yourself

Please provide us with some information about yourself including your full name, email address, the city you live in and region. The photo description, your first name and city will be posted along with your photo. We will not share your personal information. We will only use it to contact you regarding your submission.