The Alexander Graham Bell Foundation

The AGB Foundation was established in 2016 as a registered not-for-profit charity under the Income Tax Act of Canada. With a vision to both celebrate and perpetuate the legacies of both Alexander Graham Bell and his partner in love and life, Mabel Hubbard Bell, the Foundation’s mission is to advance education, support Canadian innovation and inspire all Canadians to explore the creative spirit that lives within each of us.

Alexander and Mabel epitomized the spirit of innovation.  They saw knowledge, technology and invention as the means to empower the individuals and better humanity. Alexander in particular, was driven by a genuine and rare intellectual curiosity that kept him regularly searching, striving and wanting always to learn and create.

As cited by David Johnston and Tom Jenkins in their book, “Ingenious: How Canadian Innovators Made the World Smarter, Smaller, Kinder, Safer, Healthier, Wealthier and Happier,” the notion of creating research teams to explore innovation, in stark opposition to the ‘lone inventor’ was a strategy undertaken by Alexander Graham Bell. In fact they state, “One of the first and most successful experiments in creating a hub of skills, whereby a team of like-minded thinkers come together to leverage each other’s thoughts and skills – Alexander Graham Bell and his team, in Canada.”

They go on to say, “This early notion of reliance on team was distinctly Canadian, since copied around the world.” Although Alexander was born in Scotland, and lived for a period of time in the US, rest assured – both his heart and soul were very much Canadian.

A fundamental belief that underpins the work of the AGB Foundation is when strategic partnerships, alliances and collaboration are at the centre of possibility – wonderful things happen.

The Alexander Graham Bell Foundation has been established to build and support the capacity of the community of Baddeck, Cape Breton and the province of Nova Scotia and key partners like the Bell Family Descendants (represented on our Board of Directors) and the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site to tell the story of Alexander Graham Bell and Mabel Bell – their legacy, contribution to the world and the learnings and impacts that continue to be relevant to society today.

Support Our Work

Please join us as we celebrate and grow the legacy of Alexander Graham Bell and his wife Mabel. Consider making us your charity of choice, so we are able to instill in our children and youth – that same love of learning and exploration, that curiosity and restlessness that we can be more, give more, and do more – the very qualities that defined Alexander and Mabel Bell.

Our Board of Directors

  • Sean Baldwin
  • Aynsley MacFarlane, Past-Chairperson
  • Hugh Muller
  • Bob Pelley, Vice-Chairperson
  • Graham Sullivan, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Mary Tulle, Chairperson
  • Blair Pardy, Partner – Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site