South Shore

Alexander Graham Bell Foundation Bondar Challenge


The Bluenose II is a very important part of our Nova Scotian Culture.


Who knows, we may not have leaves anymore, and people may not fish as jobs anymore, fishing is a big part of our community in Lunenburg and the beauty and…


Space is special to me in Nova Scotia because growing up in suburban Ontario, space was at a premium.

Fishing Boats

Fishing boats because the life of the fisher will be long gone, replaced by robotics, mechanics, and decimated by over fishing.


This is representative of our colourful fishing culture, history and waterfront Peaceful!

Beauty and Serenity

It shows the beauty and serenity of our waterfront and our sunset both of which I fear will have disappeared in 150 years.

Fishing Tradition

It reminds me of the strong fishing tradition, the initial boat building skills and not the number of people who come to sail and enjoy the ocean and towns!

This Province Rocks

This province rocks! Hopefully the Micmaq people will have increasing influence and respect by then – including even a flag to reflect their earlier life, culture and contribution!!!


The sunsets are so beautiful here, especially over the ocean

The Nymph’s Grove in Wentzells Lake

This photo was taken while out on an excursion with the Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation. The Foundation is working hard to prevent invasive species, in this case chain pickerel, from…